Moving through grief often feels as elusive as trying to grasp water.  In one moment you may be feeling as if you are getting back to being your “old self”  only to find yourself angrily yelling or bursting into tears after dropping an orange on the floor.

These unpredictable emotions and their accompanying behaviors can feel crazy-making to individuals who are typically reasonable, rational beings.

That’s why individuals often benefit from the opportunity of attending a grief support group.

These groups are designed to build community with others who, like you,  are suffering through their own griefbursts and who want to find healing, hope and joy again.

Support groups also help individuals to feel less isolated and alone as they grieve.

Many grievers feel as if the rest of the world continues on with their lives as if nothing has changed.

But to grievers, everything has changed and they must learn how to adapt to their new life without their loved one.

Some grievers feel as if no one understands them because we live in a culture that is very uncomfortable with loss and grief.

It is exhausting interacting with others who seem to feel uncomfortable with you crying and feeling sad.

Rochelle will be using Dr. Alan Wolfelt’s book,  Understanding Your Grief,  as the curriculum for this group.

Participants will need to purchase a copy of the book along with the Understanding Your Grief Journal.

You will find both books are available on Amazon for less than $15 per book currently.

In the first hour of the session, Rochelle will educate group members on the topic of the week, mentioned in the book.

There will be a short break, then individuals will have an opportunity to discuss the topic and hear how others are healing and growing through their grief.

The best part is that grief support groups are designed to create a safe, nonjudgmental place for all members to share openly with one another.

You don’t have to feel alone and isolated any more.  Come join a community of people who are striving to grieve healthfully while supporting one another in that process.

Support groups can be no larger than 12 members, so save your spot and call Rochelle today!  281.819.0144.

Cost:  $50 per two hour session, payable with cash, check, debit or credit card per week

Time:  6:00-8:00 pm, Wednesdays, beginning 2/10 and ending 5/4

Place:  Friendswood Family Counseling, 1414 S Friendswood Dr, Suite 118A

Registration deadline:  2/3/2016